International summits

For several years Saint Joseph Institution has had the honour of being invited to various international youth summits in Dakar (SIYLS), Durban (CIYS), Singapore (HC APYLS) and Washington (LIYLS).

Every year 3 to 4 students are selected to represent our institution at international summits. Students from the British International Section or the British European Section are selected by Head Staff at the end of the first term. They are supervised by a teacher during their stay.


The NIYLS (Normandy International Youth Leadership Summit) is organized in Le Havre in September since 2014.

Next summit 15th November 2021, 100% digital!

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The Normandy International Youth Leadership Summit was initiated by St Jo High school students driven by the same need to move with the times. With information circulating at breakneck speed and technological prowess constantly on the rise, this small group of students decided to take on tomorrow’s challenges in order to contribute, on their scale, towards building a better future. The aim of NIYLS is therefore not to limit itself to dialogue, but to bring out key ideas that will lead to concrete projects in line with 21st century challenges. Key issues such as the environment, education, politics, trade, culture and science are tackled by high school students in order to adapt them to the needs of our times.


Thus, NIYLS has been able to grow through the dynamism of its team and the motivation that drives it, and it is now internationally that these different projects are shared. Indeed, the aim of NIYLS is to welcome young people from all over the world to confront their differences and not limit themselves to their own opinions but move forward in the same spirit. This opening abroad is a real success: Brazil, South Africa, Holland, Great Britain, Sicily, Italy, Mexico, the United States, Germany, Japan… About a hundred young people from all walks of life have responded to the call. It is therefore with a common interest that all these students have decided to breathe new life into their time.


The days of the delegations have a three-fold basis: group discussions, conferences and activities, which allow for a variety of occupations between work and relaxation while preserving a friendly atmosphere. The young people accompanied by an adult deal together with themes such as the environment, politics and education, but also share their cultures in the form of workshops and activities that allow everyone to become aware of all the riches to be preserved.


This summit proves to be a real opportunity for the leaders of the 21st century because, in addition to actively participating in tomorrow’s issues, everyone has the opportunity to represent their culture and to be enriched by others. It is a unique experience for everyone thanks to the sharing of positive values. Much more than a chance, it is a real opportunity for all these leaders of tomorrow to come together and act together.

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