Our missions

"The educational mission is one of the most beautiful missions there is"

Because of its own history, values and character, the St. Joseph Institution is currently in the process of questioning its role, particularly in the face of a world with increasingly profound and unpredictable upheavals. Our mission is to help and accompany young people in their growth, which urges us to remain sensitive to the challenges of the world to come. Thus, living well together, economic creativity, ecological changes and digital impacts are real concerns that invite us to redefine our role and our strategy for the years to come.

With this in mind, we initiated, a number of months ago, a strategic reflection process in order to develop and define our 2025 vision. Thanks to this work, we have been able to reinvest our fundamentals and project ourselves towards new horizons. Keeping the student at the centre of our mission, creating a community, stimulating educational innovation and developing people who will enable the world to change are all strategic axes which are certainly ambitious, yet in line with who we are.

Education is one of the most beautiful missions there is: it questions us, obliges us and must allow us to question the future. It also shows to what extent school is central to the development of people, both students and teachers, who find themselves on the front line when the unexpected happens. Opening up to the world, which is one of the pillars of Saint-Jo, must now be fully realised within a dedicated strategic plan; this is what we promise you for the years to come, to enable each young person to have the assets and qualities necessary to get to know themselves, build their lives and participate in the changes the world needs.